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July 31 2015

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July 28 2015

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Kiwi on a treadmill.

I’m on mobile so it won’t load and I’m confused how a fruit can run but okay

that’s obviously an avocado

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He lifts... ducks
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Some eaiser variations of push ups to help you build the strength to do a traditional one!

I was always frustrated how my P.E. teachers wanted all of us to go “all-or-none” and basically hurt ourselves without letting us build up from square-one like in the first gif.  Then they’d fuckin yell at us for not doing it right >:|

Knee-pushups is not square-one.

When I got my first personal trainer, she had me doing push ups almost standing upright in the weight lifting bars so that I could do 15 reps and 3 sets of them. It’s more about the technique of the push up, and if you’re pushing too much weight, you can’t exersize the correct muscles within their tolerances. This post is pretty important to know cause of that.

I’m reblogging this here because as someone who spends almost the entire day on bedrest, it is incredibly difficult to find exercises I can do at my strength level.

Please ignore this if it is not for you. I know that exercise is not for everyone or every illness.

Loads of reps of something gentle can work your muscles pretty hardcore if you do enough of them. 

Part of intro to P90X (DEATH TRAINING) is just standing, making a fist with each hand, holding your arms perpendicular to your body (like a kid ‘flying’ around as an airplane) and then moving your arms in tight circles for a minute, then reversing direction of the circles for a minute, then doing BIG, slow circles for a minute, then repeating the reversed version that. 
Like, full ‘60 seconds’ ‘minute’ 

At first its like ‘lol just my arms whatever I can do this all day’ and then it turns into ‘omg my arms are going to fall off this is terrible gravity plz no’

Also, water bottles can serve as light dumbells for gentle repetitive lifting (bro do you even lift) if you don’t want to dump cash into exercising. Having a bit of air in the bottle will help your forearm no matter what you do, as you try to keep it steady.

Laying on your back and lifting one leg up - just keeping it hovering over the ground with your toe pointed can work your abs. Hovering both legs at the same time is harder.
Hovering both legs while making little ‘swimming kicks’ is stupid and i hate it hard. 

Hell, even just tensing your abs and keeping them tensed for periods during the day will work them - no need to flail around a ton, or set aside a bunch of time for it. 

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Okay we’re done.

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July 27 2015



When Ballerinas Meet UFC Fighters

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Ballet Dancers In Random Situations
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I like how dolphins breach with such vivacity

whales breach with grace

sharks breach with power

… then fucking manta rays be like

“there goes Billy fulfilling his dreams”
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