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February 20 2017

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February 19 2017

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the inevitable conclusion

So 2016 is SO bad that it made the creator of this meme give us an alternative version of “This is Fine”.

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when the Depression ™ got you like

via ascending peculiarity
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back from the dead
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By popular demand, 2016 has been removed.
— coke
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"you didn't see those posts. the hard drive crashed and there were some corrupt backups."
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this week in situational irony: how weirdly fitting that this remains as the last post standing after soupcrash '17 - return of the soup.
(well, partial return. it's like soup took a trip to the realm of fae and returned after a month to find it had missed one and a half years.)

am glad it's back but also really, really ಠ∩ಠ about all the content lost. -- on that note, dear @kitchen, i find your lack of communication disturbing. there's got to be a better way than one measly retweet from someone else's account.
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July 10 2015

uh-huh. better start plugging those memory leaks.
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We taste wood-flavored ice cream with Legit’s Dan Bakkedahl

yeah, no, actual wood-flavoured ice cream. the descriptions sound not a little disgusting and terribly intriguing.
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July 05 2015

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We try five new Ben & Jerry’s flavors with comedian Hari Kondabolu

you know what is nice? that feeling when you're angry at yourself because you basically just tortured yourself by watching other people eat ice cream when you actually *would* like some, thankyouverymuch, but nothing is worth leaving the house in this... weather (can we still call that weather? i feel like we've passed "weather" a while ago and are now heading for "australia", do not pass go, do not collect whatever number of moneys.) for so you're just sweaty-sad BUT THEN YOU REMEMBER THAT YOU BOUGHT ICE CREAM YESTERDAY.  *noms*

ps how do i make sentences end ffs

pps ...yes, the prison joke was deliberate.  =D

ppps stay the fuck indoors. or at least walk without rythm so the worms don't get you. moving back to caladan now, bye.
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