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“Fairy tales do not tell children dragons exist. Children already know the dragons exist. Fairy tales tell children the dragons can be killed.” ~ G.K. Chesterton

When I try to sum up what I love about Fury Road, this quote comes to mind. Because there are so many horror movies telling girls, “The monster cannot be beaten. The best you can hope for is escape.” Because there are so many rape-revenge movies telling girls, “You won’t live to see your abuser’s comeuppance, and there’s a million more like him who won’t ever get theirs.”

A rapist is just a human being. But the culture that creates rapists? That is a dragon. Patriarchy is a dragon.

And out of all the stories I have seen and read and heard throughout my three decades of life, Fury Road is the only one I can recall that has ever told me this particular dragon can be killed.


Mad Max: Fury Road is a) a really solid, well-made action film with comprehensive world-building and 2) like being able to suddenly *breathe* when before, you'd barely even noticed there wasn't any air in the room.
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