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March 11 2018

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they have called this day... the eleventh of march!
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March 11 2015

Due South: the 11th of march

October 07 2014


March 12 2014

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...i cannot believe i forgot to post this yesterday. haven't missed the eleventh of march in years. =[
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July 21 2013




A crate containing 28,000 rubber ducks was lost at sea in 1992.

Scientists have been tracking them for years, subsequently learning a metric shit ton about the tides and currents of earth’s oceans. (source)

This is what their path looks like:

THAT is the function of a rubber duck, Mr. Weasley.

Ok, this is legitimately 100% completely awesome, but my very first thought upon reading it and seeing the graph was, ‘Wait, that crate TOTALLY made it to Chicago via the Lake They Call Michigan in 1997. WHY IS THAT NOT ON HERE?’ Sigh.

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March 11 2013

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The Eleventh of March

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February 08 2013

Title: Nyarë Yondo Atacárala
Author, translator, and reader: [personal profile] luzula

Author's summary: The due South pilot told in the style of Tolkien's Silmarillion.
Click through to download or stream the file.
amplificathon | Podfic in Quenya!

someone 1) wrote a summary of the due south pilot in the style of the silmarillion, b) translated it into quenya and 3) recorded a podfic of it. as you do.
just knowing that this exists makes me so happy i could barf.

November 29 2012


“Yeah,” I say as I take a slow drag from my cigarette, “I’ve seen a few ship wars in my day. Been in a few myself, too.” I stare off into the distance, screams echo through my head, bloody battles, blogs left in shambles, fandoms torn apart. I know I’ll never be the same…

It isn’t how it used to be. Before they had their lists and we had ours; you knew the names of the characters you slashed and you knew where to send that story to where it would do the most good. Maybe you read it as it posted, maybe you waited for the digest in your inbox, but you were close enough to see what came your way. Then, the world changed on us—or maybe we just failed to change with it.
It was hot in the LJ valleys, so damn full of comment threads you couldn’t help but hijack a few just to claw out some space to speak your piece. We thought it was the beginning of everything, we thought our picspams would last forever. But we hadn’t counted on our past catching up with us, we’d forgotten that our handles had become pseuds but that hadn’t changed what we’d done before. Our OTPs spilled out of their lists, and suddenly no filter was safe, no ‘just keep scrolling’ defense was enough, and the tinhats napalmed the gates. 
You ever see a tinhat flounce off six sockpuppets, only to return, glazed-eyed and slavering for your pairing? You ever feel the rancid breath on the back of your neck, that commenter who just doesn’t understand why you won’t write her OTP, lighting the match to your inbox like she was a performance arsonist? That’s real carnage, sis, that’s the deaf wolf at your door, howling because she doesn’t understand why you want her to go away.  And there was no filter back then, and the ban-hammer was just something a mod talked about, not on your personal LJ, where the comments came and no IPs were logged. There was just you and your FList against the night, clutching your OTP to your chest in sweaty hands and then getting up in the morning to chuck your stories over the barbed wire, waiting for the blast to clear the front.
Yeah, I remember the Ray Wars, sis. I was there. In some ways, I’ve never left. This Tumblr we’re all pouring into? This fannish space? You listen hard, and you listen good; it’s all the same damn war.

November 04 2012

Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction
combining MacGyver and the Princess Bride.
The story should use solving a murder mystery as a plot device!
The Terrible Crossover Fanfiction Idea Generator

so, inigo first came to florin on the trails of the killer of his father and for reasons that don't need exploring at this juncture, he has remained, attached as a liaison with the... local branch of the phoenix foundation?
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October 31 2012

via Martians at the Halloween Sock Hop: Photos of Bizarre Vintage Costumes

"Is there any insanity in our family?"
"Not that I'm aware of."
"Well, there was your uncle tiberius who died wrapped in cabbage leaves but we assumed that was a freak accident."
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April 16 2012

Caretaker: This thing doesn't work.

Ray: What do you mean it doesn't work? It's just a bottle, it doesn't work or not work.

Caretaker: If nothing comes out of it, what is it?

Ray: It's empty.

Caretaker: But it isn't empty, so it must be broken.

Ray: If it was broken it'd be empty.

Caretaker: Exactly. So, it's not working!

Due South 3x02 Part Two - YouTube

one of my favourite pieces of dialogue on the whole show, and that's saying something.
absolutlely worth watching. (embedding disabled, unfortunately.) quoted bit starts at 1:11 but should you want the ten second summary of due south, play it from 0:50.

related question: what's the collective noun for butlers?
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April 07 2012


“Well, do you find me attractive?”
“Very much so.”

“You’re not just saying that?”
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March 11 2012

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Due South: Buck Frobisher's March 11 Speech
...it's that time again.
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February 24 2012

As soon as the Tardis is gone, Dief splashes through the surf, hopping back and forth as he chases a small scuttling thing. He pounces on it. It pinches him. He bounces away, barking. It's the greatest.

A stiff figure in red comes around a rocky outcrop. It stops several feet away and begins a diatribe about running off at the docks, stowing away in a freighter bound for Norway, and then joining a travelling performance troupe. Dief cocks his head to signal his disinterest in this and shakes the sea water from his coat.

"Bad wolf," the Mountie says.
runpunkrun: dårlig ulv stranden
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January 18 2012

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Due South - Fraser Sr. Returns & Shootout
"Is there an entire conversation going on here that I'm totally unaware of?" -- "Yes."
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Look Ray, Turtles!
"We're a hundred miles from nowhere, in a frozen wasteland, and you're grinning like an idiot."

Behold the mountie in his natural habitat.
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January 07 2012

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Due South (2.15) - Get In The Closet
"Ray, please get in the closet."
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Fraser believes in love at first sight.
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December 31 2011

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Due South - Midnights and Cups of Coffee by miruku koohii
Seasons of Love is a perfect fit for a Due South vid. Because that's what Due South *is*.
vidder's site

[try frogtunnel in case of videoblockedness.]
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