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May 14 2014


April 03 2014

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March 30 2014


August 29 2013


my usual approach is useless here

hello, hello, long time no post. again.
due to unreasonable demands on my time management skills (sleep. i need sleep.), my usual approach to souping results in no posts at all. the usual approach is: collect a shitload of tabs, post content in a way that there is some kind of connection from one post to the next. probably not even noticeably to anyone else but incredibly fun to me. (it's not apophenia if you're making the patterns yourself!) just, i don't have the time to do that anymore so i decided to get over it and start posting like a statistically normal person again, that is, throw content at it until the soup servers collapse. ;)
here's hoping that i'll soon stop feeling be-anguished about having to give up my beloved style of posting, seeing as a speshul posting procedure that precludes one from posting anything in the first place isn't really a good thing. (it just feels so ...weird.)

June 18 2013


May 22 2013


in which the author forgot how to succinct at being brief

trying to catch up with what's been floating through the souposphere the last few weeks, because you can't spell anxiety without procrastination (well you could but i'm playing a game of scrabble against *life* and i'm going. to. win).
so, should any new posts include things that have been making the rounds, like, a fortnight ago (and for reasons that don't need exploring at this juncture they *will* but that's probably a story for another run-on sentence, i guess we'll see how far i can take this one before it breaks like a badly chosen simile), that'd be the reason why.
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February 08 2013

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flag counter thingie made a funny.

(also, have reached one hundred freaking fifty countries. upon reflection, i imagine that pleases me.)
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January 31 2013

the days when all you can do is just try to hang on to your shit and wait how far you'll plunge towards the bottom
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January 07 2013

books read in 2012

in chronological order*:
  • Temeraire: Victory of Eagles (N. Novik) [history au series -- napoleonic wars, with dragons. the series starts close to, uh, canon and then veers off towards new horizons, so to speak.]
  • Bone (J. Smith) [the one-volume edition; re-read for most of it. love the first half more than the second. which is an awful lot.]
  • The Sword in the Stone (T.H. White) [arthurian legend, the good parts version]
  • The Hippopotamus (Stephen Fry) [accidental re-read -- had forgotten that i'd read it before. good read, but not very memorable i guess.]
  • Temeraire: Tongues of Serpents (N. Novik)
  • Naked (D. Sedaris) [re-read for at least the fourth time]
  • Good Omens (T. Pratchett & N. Gaiman) [ditto]
  • The True Meaning of Smekday (A. Rex) [if i could only recommend one new book read last year, i'd recommend this one. had a lot of fun reading, *and* it's smart about a lot of the -isms -- which is something i've come to a) notice and 2) appreciate.]
  • The Language Instinct (S. Pinker) [woot, a non-fiction i actually finished! pretty comprehensibly written, though not sure how difficult it is for complete linguisitcs noobs.)
  • Shades of Grey (J. Fforde) [haha no, the book you're thinking of is 50 shades of grey. which isn't confusing at all. interesting premise but i found the characters not a bit engaging, the main character least of all.]
  • In Other Worlds (M. Atwood) [sci-fi/fantasy meta, yay]
  • The Time Traveller's Wife (A. Niffenegger) [re-read for the second time, still as good as i remembered it.]
  • The Hunger Games (S. Collins) [well, it's definitely a fast read. i might've liked it more if it wasn't first person pov but it's alright. will read the sequels if i can get my hands on them, but not buy them.]

* this list only contains books
- finished in 2012,
- that i read for fun,
- in dead-tree format.
other than bone, i didn't count any comics or graphic novels (but the complete edition clocks in at 1000+ pages, so.) also not counted: anything read in digital format, including about a squintillion of fanfics. also, i can't shake the feeling of having reread oryx and crake somewhen but maybe that was the year before.

December 16 2012

assongssination, n:
1. killing me softly with this song;
2. no, i can't get you out of my head;
3. do you hear the people sing
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December 04 2012

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November 14 2012


October 07 2012

my teeth are all crooked
my smiles look all wrong
they told me it's just my perception that's flawed

and then i got braces
now it's all straightened out
and still i sometimes feel like a fraud

and then sometimes, you have to deal with one of  those vicious fuckers, wisdom teeth growing sideways, knocking everything out of place again

[this is not about teeth]

September 30 2012


My first instinct when I see an animal is to say “hello”.

My first instinct when I see a person is to avoid eye contact and hope it goes away.

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September 29 2012

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September 28 2012

September 25 2012


I think I have awake apnea

it’s like sleep apnea where you forget to breathe while you’re asleep except that i’m awake and sometimes that instinct shit just doesn’t kick in

the longer i run the less that i find

yup. good to finally having a name for that thing where i'm too dumb to breathe
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September 11 2012

because forget hearts and stuff, home is where the fart is
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September 03 2012


August 16 2012

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