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PSA: How to get rid of an Earworm

"No, I can't get you out of my head..."  =/
Three approaches that work for me (the "find other stuff to do until it's gone" usually leads to the earworm lurking in some hidden corner of your brain and reattacking hours later):
  1. Embrace it.
    Hum along. Play it 15 times in a row. Dance to it. Make up new lyrics to sing. Tap out the drum beat on the person sitting next to you. Or something.
    (Only apply if the song does *not* give you brainhives, of course.)
  2. Cancel it out.
    Pick another song, proceed as in option 1). Works best with songs that also have earworm potential, like ABBA or John Williams' scores. So, pick a catchy tune or just a song you love.
    (Again with the No on the brainhives for this option.)
  3. Pass it along.
    Give it to someone else! Like a bad mood, spreading it around makes an earworm disappear. =) *This* is what you do with the really bad ones. -- Of course, a person skilled in dispensing of earworms this way may retaliate, so be careful, lest you end up in an earworm battle - auditory fencing not unlike the Dueling Banjos, only less fun.

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