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list of tags before i go crazy trying to keep up

because it's like del.ico.us, only without *any* editing options /o

comics; vids; anime; tv; fanart; onanarreseverythingisshared; musicisbetterthansunlight; cuetheflailing; itsnotovertillitsover; thisjokeissoinithasitsowncloset; soupmakesitsownmeta; macrosanct; essential_linkage; geeknip; thepunnery; fuckyeahintro; fanfic; omnomnom; wurds+mispelings; thehumanrace; x_and_or_y; natuur; wordsaremyantidrug; gifted; butisitart; shortfilms; braaains; ewwsex; ohai1984; lengwidge; entertainment=srsbzns; survivingtheweb; fortobereading; schrijverschap; fortobewatching; lolephants; zebroids; onepodnopeas; haiku; ukuleyeah; bingo; raffes; ffflamingo; pottery; nieceties; lookwhativedonetoyoursongma, porkramming

canadiana; fuckyouitsmagic; outofthisworld; storytime; cake=taken; ineedatagforcrack; wtaf; rage; antirage; failtag; brblolingforever
er, this.
see?; tags!; waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah; imcoveredinbees!; speshulsnowflake; mine-ish

note: ongoing process. tags are named and applied as the mood strikes.  XÞ

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