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October 21 2019



The Mighty Nein: we fucked up again, we’re so bad at everything and everyone hates us and we’re terrible

Matt: *wraps them gently in a blanket, gives them a cup of hot cocoa, a side quest so they can actually feel useful, some breadcrumbs to help them get back on their main quest, and a beloved npc from the previous campaign* I love you, you’re amazing

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Six witches come out

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October 12 2019

#CriticalRole Everyone is super fucking hot thread.

1. Travis 🤘 Willingham

Marisha "I have two moods" Ray

Liam "If it doesn't have a buckle I'm not wearing it" O'Brien

Taliesin "I dressed everyone tonight so you're welcome" Jaffe

Laura "Goth Lolita" Bailey (ft. smitten Travis)

Matt "Y'all were not ready for me in eyeliner" Mercer

And finally, Sam "This isn't even my final form" Riegel

when your dnd liveshow has a costume theme but your alignment is chaotic *chaotic*.
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Critical Role Aesthetic: Taliesin looking at Sam with awe and horror. [X ]X ]X ]X]

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Scanlan vs. Nott

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It is very likely that the war between the Dwendalian Empire and Xhorhas, sure to be a deadly conflict with far-reaching consequences, was precipitated by the failure of the Xhorhasian spies to recover the Dodecahedron. Both sides lost track of an artifact of awesome and unknown power. Neither side knows what happened to it, and they probably believe the other to be in possession of it.

Meanwhile, The Mighty Nein just used it to win a drinking competition.

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Critical Role (campaign 1, ep 65): i mean, if you're a roving group of adventurers you've *got to* try the local specialities...
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October 11 2019



You watch the fly buzz around and get eaten by a frog.

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